Short Profile

Anne Scherer

I am business consultant, researcher, and keynote speaker in the field of consumer psychology & technology. For over a decade, I have been on a mission to uncover how new technologies are transforming the way we interact with businesses. As a co-founder of Delta Labs AG, I dive deep into the fascinating world of AI, robo-advisors, and communication interfaces.


Driven by my passion for "better tech," I supports startups, companies, and NGOs in shaping our AI-driven future. I have served on the Global Future Council of the World Economic Forum and am renowned for my research, published in top scientific journals and major media outlets. My TEDxTalk, discussing why we are more honest with machines, has been viewed over 1.8 million times.


Before co-founding Delta Labs AG, I have been an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Marketing at the University of Zurich and conducted research at ETH Zurich, after earning my PhD with distinction from the Technical University of Munich.

Fun fact: I am an avid hiker and world explorer. After submitting my dissertation, I travelled around the world, spending half a year scuba diving in the Red Sea, climbing 5200 stairs to Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka, cooking with a local chef in Ho Chi Minh City, swimming with sharks and stingrays in French Polynesia, cycling around the Easter Island, and tubing down a river in the Amazon Basin in Bolivia. A very different, but rewarding learning experience!